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Scottish Water Horizons recycles food waste into green energy at its state-of-the-art organics recycling facility near Glasgow.

Our flexible approach means we will design a service that best fits your requirements. We can offer a variety of collection containers from small kitchen caddies to large skips and can arrange collections to suit you.

We can recycle:
- Manufacturing and processing waste
- Kitchen and canteen waste
- Animal by-products
- Solid and liquid waste
- Organic sludges
- Grease and fats
- Excess stock and freezer breakdowns
- Up to 10% packaging


Our recycling facility at Deerdykes, near Glasgow, converts waste into electricity for the grid and produces Scotland’s first accredited biofertiliser from food waste, for use as an alternative to artificial fertilisers.  

 We are also exploring using heat produced on site to supply local homes and businesses and capturing biomethane for use as a vehicle fuel.

Scottish Water Horizons is an innovative organics recycling business that can improve your environmental credentials and cut your waste disposal costs.

With increasing pressure to reduce waste going to landfill and with landfill duties increasing year on year, we offer alternative and competitively priced solutions for all your organic waste needs.

From the recycling of food and garden waste to the handling of liquids, sludges and septic waste, we help you protect the environment, reduce your carbon emissions and divert your waste going to landfill.

Telephone: 0131 445 6639


Old Quarry Road, Westfield Industrial Estate, Deerdykes Composting & Organics Recycling Facility Glasgow G68 9NB

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