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Plan B Consultancy: Thinking Responsibly, Acting Sustainably

Plan B provides a diverse range of support and consultancy services to both public and private sector organisations across the United Kingdom. The Company works predominantly within, but not limited to the Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing and Waste Management Sectors.

It is from these core environmental sectors that Plan B has grown and the Company can boast a holistic understanding of the various challenges faced by organisations working within these specialist areas.

Plan B prides itself on being "doers" as opposed to traditional consultants and the company possesses the industry specific skills, technical expertise and experience required to develop innovative, comprehensive and practical solutions within each of our core sectors.

Many of the skills that Plan B possesses are however transferable and can prove beneficial in other industries and sectors. Therefore, Plan B offers a range of services outside of the environmental marketplace and provides clients with an open and honest view of where our capabilities and limitations lie on specific projects.


 Plan B is an Environmental Consultancy providing management and technical support in the Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing and Waste Management Sectors

Plan B Advisors have played key roles in the procurement, development and management of local government services over many years. Through this experience Plan B has developed a genuine understanding of the market place and can offer fresh, forward thinking and comprehensive solutions in a range of areas including Service Procurement; Tender Submission; Service Reviews; Contract Mobilisations; Data Management; Interim and Project Management; Work Programming and Financial Analysis

We are passionate about the services that we provide and have a genuine commitment to providing service excellence and meeting and exceeding the needs and aspirations of our clients. Our commitment to our reputation is part of our success; we pride ourselves on providing solutions that we are confident we can personally deliver and ensure that our service extends well beyond the provision of any report.

Our strength is in our People.

Our People are Pracitioners.

Our People take Responsibility.

Telephone: 01403 211973