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Since our inception in 2004 Open Sky Data Systems has evolved to become one of the most pioneering IT solutions companies in the marketplace. The company has the ability to equip businesses, both public and private, with innovative customised IT solutions. As a result, these businesses have achieved increased efficiency, production, cost reduction and revenue optimisation.Today Open Sky are the premier providers of information management solutions for multiple sectors including: waste management, abandoned vehicles, development planning, building control, environmental management, social care, healthcare, retail, application processing, licensing, traffic Information & data management. We blend the broad capability and experience of a large company with the commitment, flexibility and responsiveness of a specialist.

Open sky’s Waste Data Management Solution (WDMS) is a pioneering web based technology which represents the next step in data management for local waste authorities. The WDMS is fully customisable to meet your current and on-going waste data requirements.It streamlines administration processes and integrates with existing ICT infrastructure reducing costs. It generates reports electronically for DEFRA’s WDF reporting and is flexible to adapt to any future requirements from the WDF site. The system gathers and manages data in real-time.It's intelligence and reporting tools perform complex and comprehensive reporting and analysis. It can be cloud hosted.


“We chose opensky Data Systems because of their comprehensive knowledge of the industry combined with their proven ability to handle complex projects and their flexibility to create a tailor made solution for the collection, analysis and reporting of waste data. As part of their complete offering, they also provide on-going support with their highly skilled team of specialist IT consultants. We view Open Sky Data Systems as a valued partner in our quest to increase efficiency and productivity and save costs.
With Open Sky`s system, we will realise savings by; rationalising the DEFRA WDF reporting processes; instigating new financial  processes  and by being able to modernise the way we handle all our waste information . Additionally their cloud offering will reduce our ICT infrastructure costs.” Dave Pennington- Lincolnshire County Council

iWDMS is currently under development in North London Waste Authority, Leicestershire County Council, Surrey County Council & Warwickshire County Council

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Waste Data Management, Social Care Management,Immunisation Management, Human Resources & Training,Benchmarking & Efficiency, Inspections & Compliance,Finance & Budgeting,Research & Reporting
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Business Intelligence,Software Development (Bespoke)Smartphone Apps,Data Management (Migration, Cleansing, Master Data Management, Integration),Technical Strategy/Procurement,Cloud HostingSystem/Data Integration

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