naus Waste Intelligence

Submitted by Mandalay Technologies on 07/14/15 05:33

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Waste is a bigger issue than climate change, growing at the rate of 3-5% a year. Yet no new, innovative approach has been developed to improve global waste management practices and meet this urgent challenge.

Until now.

Introducing the naus Waste Intelligence platform. At the core of naus is a powerful modelling and visualisation engine that makes complex waste ecosystems intuitive. It also creates a global community of thought leaders in the waste management field, providing a completely new and unparalleled resource for waste consultants.

At naus, we believe we won’t create a circular economy with linear thinking. Meeting the waste challenge will take a collective approach: the best minds and the best technology to ensure our planet remains sustainable.

naus is that technology.


 naus is a platform that gives waste professionals far more power.

By providing consistently accurate and updated data, unlimited scenario simulation possibilities and concise, easily understood ways to communicate, naus uniquely allows waste advisors to multiply their outputs while simultaneously reducing their workloads.

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