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At Mitie we aim to transform how organisations are managing their waste by implementing our ‘resource, not waste’ programme.

Our philosophy on waste management is firstly to understand how to waste less and not produce a waste stream in the first place. Beyond this, and if waste production is completely unavoidable we then consider how to re-use or recycle more business’ outputs. Many see waste as the unavoidable cost for an organisation, we think of it as a resource; an opportunity to save money as well as our planet. Typically our waste customers across the UK report in excess of 85% recycling levels and, some of our clients are now ‘cash positive’ from a waste management budget perspective. This means that not only is waste moved up the hierarchy but the value of commodity revenues delivered through Mitie outweighs the costs of disposal and provides them with a net income (and incentive) from their resource management activities.

Our waste management professional’s act as circular economy partners to our clients, integrating with their facilities team to start the resource, not waste programme in addition to implementing new technology.

Our bespoke reporting system then provides the client with a detailed, monthly breakdown of their services and costs which is further developed to monitor their resultant savings in energy, water usage and overall waste minimisation alongside mapping CO2 emissions reductions through the recycling activities.


Mitie’s waste management business is one of the UK’s most innovative and forward thinking resource management companies.

Our business model is very simple but it is different from the norm in our marketplace; we don’t operate our own waste facilities or vehicles as we utilise our pre-approved supplier base to carry out the physical collections and re-processing of your waste. This means we are under no pressure to maintain, or increase, waste volumes to maintain our own disposal sites. Instead our sole focus is to work in partnership with you to deliver the optimum resource management package; targeting cost efficiencies and best practise treatment and recovery options.
Our range of services cover the full array of waste management requirements, from interal recycling bins to bulk tankers for liquid sludge, food waste solutions to on-site equipment hire, secure confidential destruction to commodity trading and everything in between.
Our 30 years' experience means that we are equipped for all situations that may arise, including emergency collections and adhoc clearances.
We have the flexibility to work with our supplier network to find the most suitable and cost effective service for you. We can base our own employees at your site to run your waste management activities, or use our team of nationwide specialists to achieve and exceed your sustainability targets year-on-year.
We offer a continuous improvement led service through our ‘resource not waste’ philosophy which first focusses on waste avoidance and minimisation alongside developing additional recycling opportunities and increasing sustainability. 

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Address 3: Unit 11, Patchway Trading Estate, Britannia Road, Patchway, Bristol Bristol, Patchway, UK BS34 5TH

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