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Efficient cleaning and maintenance, tailored to your specific needs. Kärcher solutions deliver productivity savings for your operators and your business by solving everyday tasks in new and innovative ways.

We provide a full range of indoor and outdoor solutions; including municipal cleaning, green care, winter service and vehicle fleet cleaning solutions - all of which help to time, effort and resources as well as delivering the outstanding results our technology is renowned for.

As the world’s leading cleaning technology provider, we have over 3000 products in our all-encompassing range. Our solutions include municipal implement carriers, ride-on street sweepers, push sweepers, pressure washers, battery powered leaf blowers and chainsaws, wet and dry vacuums, steam cleaners, scrubber driers, vehicle washes and specialist solutions for graffiti and gum removal and much, much more.

Our innovative products work harder so you don’t have to, providing multitasking machines to perform various tasks on the same site or mobile solutions to work across multiple locations, even where there is no access to mains power or water. We can provide the right attachment for almost every application in every season, including on-board pressure washers, watering and irrigation systems. We also provide short term hire and finance lease packages.

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From hospitals to factories, supermarkets to spas, the London Eye to Mount Rushmore, Kärcher cleans it all. With a wealth of experience gained through 80 years at the forefront of the cleaning industry, our family-owned enterprise understands one size doesn’t fit all. Synonymous with the pressure washers we invented, Kärcher is the widest single-source professional cleaning equipment manufacturer, providing wet and dry vacuums, steam cleaners, sweepers, scrubber driers, vehicle washes, cleaning agents and dry ice blasters alongside coordinated accessories, cleaning agents, service and advice. Worldwide over 900 engineers and technicians are involved in designing new solutions to customers’ cleaning problems. Beyond the machines themselves, our eco!efficiency and Fleet Management tools help customers work in the most environmentally and resource efficient way. Built around you, our solutions solve every day cleaning challenges in new and unusual ways, generating time, effort, resource and productivity savings for your operators and your business.
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