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Advanced Plasma Power Ltd
Unit B3 Marston Gate, , South Marston Park Swindon, Swindon, undefined SN3 4DE
A leading technology provider for Waste to Energy plants able to treat a wide range of feedstock’s including fuels derived from Municipal Solid Waste and Commercial/Industrial waste, using proven and patented Gasplasma® technology. The Gasplasma® process is complementary to recycling and converts mixed residual (non-recyclable) waste into high value outputs: a clean, highly calorific syngas with multiple applications and an inert, solid and strong vitrified product (Plasmarok®) with a number of valuable end-uses. The process is clean, modular and scalable, delivering a high net electrical efficiency and almost complete landfill diversion.
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Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire Milton Parc MK44 1RL
Biogen is a British company based in Bedfordshire and Shropshire which designs, builds, owns and operates commercial-scale anaerobic digestion
plants for processing food waste. The company is responsible for 15 AD plants in the UK to date and its plants in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, processes a total of 90,000 tones of food waste each year, producing renewable electricity to power 7000 homes and a valuable fertiliser for crops.

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